Eileen received her Associates Degree in Art from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and worked for a number of years in a stained glass studio before marrying and raising her 3 daughters in rural upstate New York. Her artistic passion was channeled into educating and assisting women and children through being a La Leche League leader for over a decade and founding the Home Educators Group of Schoharie. In furthering her enthusiasm to help and heal others she returned to nursing school, but found a disdain for the emotional disconnection the field required. During hurricane Irene as she sat in her hospital bed recovering from emergency surgery she realized the imperative need to change everything about her life. That pivotal moment opened the gateway for gifts that emerged to assist others in finding health and well being.

Continually working with forerunners in the field of energetic healing since 2011 Eileen employs a variety of techniques in her work. For the passed 5 years she has mentored with Ben Oofana who is a healer trained in both Native American Medicine and the Chinese internal healing arts. Her regular practice of Chi Gong and bi-annual fasting for four days and nights without food and water in the wilderness continually purifies her body, mind and spirit to be a clear and effective conduit for healing setting her work apart from traditional energy healers.