Maintenancing My Emotional Body

Maintenancing My Emotional Body
Photo by Jim Rhoads
We do a lot of regular maintenance to keep our lives running optimally: oil changes, dental visits, exercise for our physical body— and no, “two for Tuesday drink specials are NOT emotional maintenance!
It was after one of my 10 hour rent payer job days. I was exhausted. Both of my daughters spoke about their futures in terms of living in other states plus the coming loss of the sweatlodge I have attended for a year and half. It was all too much to feel. Enter Ben and Jerry’s. It made me feel gloriously “different” with it’s lactose, sugar induced high. But it didn’t heal the sadness. The pain submerged itself in my abdomen along with the thousands of calories I didn’t need. My sadness was neatly covered over but not gone. It would emerge at untimely moments in a flood of tears that seemingly came out of nowhere. It was still there deep inside where I pushed it.
I have the opportunity to work with a very gifted healer trained in both traditional Native American medicine and Chinese healing who comes to the little town of West Fulton every month or so. The ancient forces that work through my healer facilitate balancing my emotional body by assisting me in processing through them.

In session we talk, I breathe deeply into the feelings and sensations in my body peeling off the layer of Ben and Jerry’s and awakening my humanity, my emotional resilience. Sometimes it’s difficult and I resist the whole thing. But it’s afterword. I feel so much lighter, grounded, whole, peaceful. I can feel more deeply. There’s a saying that you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone. I thought I was only a little off, a little sad. But after that stored emotion was released from my abdomen there was a smooth clean feeling that made me realize the weight of the emotions I was carrying was much more and deeper than I surmised.
I post this with the deepest gratitude for my healer.