Resistance or My Caffeinated Life

It began the moment I opened my eyes in bed in the morning, the moment I stepped out of dreamworld. I don’t want to get up. To get vertical means something is required of me, something I have to face and do. And if I just get to the coffee pot fast enough I can over-caffeinate the feeling into Folgers Oblivion. When I become abuzz in frenetic energy I can catapult myself through the day. Did the Folgers advertisers know that feeling when they coined the slogan, “ The best part about waking up is Folgers in my cup” ? But the difficulty with caffeine, as with any other drug is it numbs us from our emotional bandwidth and prevents us from experiencing the deeper nature of who we are. Had I lay long enough in bed with the feelings of resistance to my day I would have discovered a lot more about myself. Allowing myself to feel the messy, uncomfortable emotions fully may have become a gateway for change. If my day is making me feel this bad, perhaps it’s time to alter what I am doing instead of just caffeinating and getting through.

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