Better Than Chocolate


For many years my expressiveness was locked away in fear. Fear of being rejected, fear of not being good enough, fear of feeling my own emotional landscape . I placed my value in the silent role learned in my youth to just go along and not make waves. It was the ultimate way to get approval and love back then. But it’s a terribly depleting way to live because the balance of your energy is outside the core of who you truly are. When we are willing to step outside what is comfortable and pull back the needy chains of our self worth we have anchored in other peoples ideas of who we should be, there is an unsettling void that happens. Oh my gosh! No one is validating me!! Who am I? I feel lost, empty, alone. But if we can sit in that void a bit without hurling another anchor to an external source of endorsement the balance of our power returns home to our center. Our needs, wants and desires come from the natural well-spring of who we are grounded in our authenticity. We are enough as we are and we then can share that integrity with others. Then we can enter relationships from strength and not need, from being whole and not in desperation for someone to fill our fear gaps. When we are fully embracing, caring for and honoring ourselves we unfold in our own unique, dynamic beautiful way. Its the greatest gift we can give ourselves and soooo much better than a box of chocolate!

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