Feet First Ascension


The human experience is variegated. It exists as a sine wave of negative numbers and positive integers sliding passed the neutral zone of zero. No one gets around that no matter how good they look on Instagram. Suffering as well as joy is a very real part of our existence. But we like to factor out the yukky parts. Who can blame us? No one wants a negative balance.

For many years my meditation altar stood as my gateway of escape to other realms. Adorned with special items and photos of Masters who were aglow in a radiance I wanted. It was a place I could experience deep peace and expanded consciousness but in hindsight also avoid the reality of my life.

As the blessing of my children came along, so did the lack of time to do those practices. Motherhood has a way of ushering you to the brink of what you thought life was suppose to be and flipping it upside down. With little time and energy to devote to my etheric meddling I was left with the rawness of who I was without it. And it wasn’t pretty.

I swore I wouldn’t become my mother, and there I was becoming what I never wanted to be. I was relating to my life from patterns set very early on in the dysfunction home I grew up in.

It wasn’t until I began working on my internal landscape with the help of a very gifted healer (Ben) that the insights, information and higher consciousness of my meditation time could actually be integrated into my physical life. Doing the deep internal work (shadow work if you prefer) actually brought my daily life to an amazing place of being very grounded, centered, emotionally functional, engaged and creative. Embracing and relating to all of the parts of myself, including the “negative” has produced this security and comfort I have internally that I can navigate life and all its entanglements being present in all my bodies, physically, emotionally and mentally and spiritually—at the same time.

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