The Vision Quest


Twice a year for the last 4 years I have fasted for 4 days and nights without food and water alone in the woods. Other than sessions with my mentor (Benoofana.com) this time is unprecedented for personal growth. When I step out of the business and craziness of life, I step into awareness of who I am. I am there with myself for days without the distractions of modern life, of social media and news. The fast brings graciousness and presence to the smallest things.. a slight breeze or chipmunks chasing one another. It certainly brings consciousness to how much food we consume and how little we actually need to get by. It brings very deep appreciation for water, how truly precious a resource it is and how grateful i am to still be able to drink it from a spring that gushes from the side of a mountain near where i live. This kind of fast is an intensive practice and should be under the guidance of one who can oversee you on a spiritual level. It is the ultimate presence practice because if you sit there counting days and wishing it was over it will take forever. There is no where to run or distract to when difficult feelings arise. When you are angry, sad, insecure, frightened, cold, hot, cranky or think you are crazy for being alone in the middle of the woods you must remain present to all the parts of yourself. You cannot hold up resistances, because you don’t have the energy to keep your walls up. . All your messiness arises and …. you just have to accept it, be with yourself and allow you in all your fullness. In embracing all of these parts of yourself there is a deep sense of groundedness and connectedness you experience as you no longer try to keep your messiness at bay.

I fast because it gives me greater capacity to work with others as a healer. The world is in a precarious state right now and we need to be working as hard as we can to heal ourselves because in doing so our families, communities and the world can become a better place.