It Happened Again

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It happened again. The lightness, the spaciousness, the breathability of my being. I feel new. The density I didn’t even realize was there because it had become so much a part of my constitution I thought it was just me. I didn’t realize the heaviness, the thickness, the energetic gooiness was in me until it was taken away. In its absence there is greater bandwith of emotional flexability, more feelability more room for flow. I like this new feeling. I want more of it which is why I continue on a regular basis to do work with a true master healer—one who can actually see what is going on in my subtle bodies and alter disfunctions. As we look around at older people in our culture we think its a normal part of the aging process to become stiffer, slower and heavier. Much of this is due to decades of avoiding feelings and paving them over with our favorite obsessions be it food, drink, technology or whatever our favorite distraction is. But as I have done sessions over the years not only have I gained greater emotional capacity but my physical body has also experienced a greater fluidity, increased energy and a more youthful countenance. Sessions keep me energetically clean and continually expanding my range of consciousnesses. I come from what I call Irish potatoe stock. Lineage that is strong, unflinching, determined with a stiff upper lip. . While those qualities are good for certain things in life operating from those distinctions left me in narrow lane of truly experiencing life from a sentient perspective. Sessions have opened me to truly experience and feel life in ways I was incapable of before. And it is amazingly beautiful. Deepest gratitude to my healer, Ben Oofana.