"Flying" to Freedom


Sitting has never been my thing. When I first began working with Ben 5 years ago, I could only manage 2 minutes of breathing practice. But over time with continual commitment it has gotten better, deeper and at times even enjoyable! Always looking to push myself beyond my comfort zone I signed up for a 4 hour online meditation class with a focus on duration training. I settled into my favorite practice chair as class began allowing whatever feeling and sensations to arise. I was in a deeply peaceful place when I collapsed from my contemplative abode into a rage and unrest as a fly landed on my face. In nearly an instantaneous motion I killed the bug. A torrent of emotions followed like bullet train from… Elation! I GOT Him! Horror… Omg I just came out of meditation and killed something and everything in between. The cascade of my consciousness landed in the realization I had just terminated the tool for my duration focus. Anger, frustration are the most difficult emotions for me to sit with. I settled in again with all the feelings of what just occurred. Fly number 2 emerged (and note to self to address the fly problem in my house!!) with a fondness for my nose and face. I sat with all of it as the creature danced across my physicality. And right at the end of the class those little fly feet and all the intensity of emotions around my fly experience dissolved into an indescribable ecstasy. Have you sat with your fly today?