Woman’s Healing Circle

Woman’s Healing Circle is a small group of women dedicated to growing and making positive changes in their lives. Coming together as a collective group enables us to share our strengths and draw upon the power of unity during times of transition in our lives. Not just big life transitions like motherhood or menopause but the transition out of the current patterns we don’t like about ourselves in our daily relationships. Whether that relationship is with family, people we interact with on a daily basis, obsessive patterns with food, drink or behaviors, we gain the fortitude to better ourselves when share our weaknesses. In group we realize we are not alone and gain insights to how others are doing this journey of life.


What we do

First, we begin, as in individual sessions by bringing forth and speaking about what we want to work on in ourselves. Having a clear focus helps speed us on our healing path. There will be two rounds of guided relaxation with a focus on deep body centered breathing. The difference with the Woman’s Healing Circle is that you are being supported energetically. This energetic support can help with physical, mental and emotional issues.