Healing Begins with You

and your determination


There are a lot of  imbalances that occur on the physical, mental and emotional levels when we are stressed, when we are forging the river of life, when we realize we sound just like our mother as we reprimand our own children. We have hurt, pain and anger from our relationships that we prefer to avoid or project rather than feel. The avoidance can take on many different forms: social media, shopping, eating, drinking or a host of other habituated actions. These activities make us feel different but they don't heal us. Our suffering is still acutely present in our energy field causing constrictions in how our life force is expressed. We get tired and achy. We feel stuck. We just feel crappy. Anxiety and depression or physical symptoms may arise and we don’t know why.

When you are determined to grow and change, the healing work I do can be of assistance with unlocking those energetic blockages to give you more physical energy, greater emotional resilience and a more embodied sense of who you truly are. Individual sessions are open to both men, women and children.

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